One thing that irritates me is seeing bits and pieces of leftover wrapping paper in my closet. The pieces are usually too small to wrap most gifts, but too large to throw away. Luckily, it can be repurposed and upcycled into other things.

If you think repurposing wrapping paper is ridiculous, consider this: most of it is not recyclable because it has wax, glitter, or other decorations that may contaminate other recyclable paper. When this happens, the recycling plant must send the entire batch to the landfill.

So, what can you do with it? You can make Christmas ornaments, but why not make something else! If you’re wondering what else to make with it, then here are some ideas:

Confetti by One Good Thing:

photo via One Good Thing


Paper beads by Mum in the Mad House:

How to make paper beads from wrapping paper. What a fab craft DIY for recycling paper into jewelry. These would make the perfect DIY gift for Mother's Day. I never realised it was THIS simple!
photo via Mum in the Mad House


Paper pinwheels by Celebrate Always:

photo via Celebrate Always


Paper crowns by Compost and Cava:

DIY Paper Crowns Made From Upcycled Gift Wrap and Wrapping Paper for Zero Waste New Years Eve
photo via Compost and Cava


Gift bag by Hello Sandwich:

photo via Hello Sandwich


Origami gift boxes by We Are Scout:

How to make patchwork origami gift boxes
photo via We Are Scout


Placemats by Oleander + Palm:

photo via Oleander + Palm


Medicine cabinet liner by In My Own Style:

How-to-line-a-medicine-cabinet-with-decorative-paper-or-gift wrap
photo via In My Own Style


Tray liners by Thoughtfully Simple:

DIY Christmas decorations
photo via Thoughtfully Simple


Wallpaper by The Homes I Have Made:

Flamingo Wrapping paper as Wallpaper


Decoupaged stool by The Craftables:

DIY Customised stool cover
photo via The Craftables


Looking for more ways to upcycle your paper? Click here for some ideas.

I love hearing from you! If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them in the Comments section below.

Happy crafting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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