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I’m on an earrings kick. I love making and wearing earrings. They make a boring outfit dazzling. They are also the perfect way to express your individuality, especially if you have a strict dress code at work.

I wanted to make something with some leftover wood disks, so I created these boho wood drop earrings.

boho wood drop earrings - dark brown and golden brown wood

These wood drop earrings are made out of small and large round wood disks. Earring posts are glued to the small wood disks, then jump rings are used to connect the small and large disks.

The wood drop earrings are large, but not difficult to wear. They make a bold statement, so you will definitely attract attention.

The most expensive materials used in this project are the wood disks. I purchased them from Fire Mountain a long time ago, but you can find similar components at various jewelry supply stores.

You only need two skill sets: how to apply jewelry adhesive and how to open and close jump rings. That’s it! It’s a very easy project, so it’s perfect for beginning crafters.

It takes approximately ten minutes (excluding drying time) to make a pair of these earrings, so you could make a few pairs in one afternoon.

If you’re ready to make a pair of simple, bold, modern earrings, then this project is for you.

Here are the instructions:

Boho Wood Drop Earrings


materials for the boho wood drop earrings

2 large (40mm) wood disk components

2 small (15mm) wood disk components

2 10mm gold-plated jump rings

2 gold-plated earring posts

2 gold-plated earring backs

jewelry adhesive

toothpick (to apply the adhesive)

1 pair bent nose pliers

1 pair flat nose pliers

Dimensions (approximate): 40mm (1.6”) wide, 53mm (2.1”) drop


Make the posts

Place the small wood disks on a table. Apply adhesive to the center of each disk and the center of each earring post. Press the post against the surface of each disk. Allow the adhesive to dry per the instructions on the package.

You could wear the small disks as post earrings, but if you want something bolder, then you’ll have to attach the large disks.
small wood post earrings

Assemble the earrings

When the adhesive is dry, open the jump rings. Attach a large component and a post to each jump ring.

Your earrings should look like this:

boho wood drop earrings - dark brown and golden brown - horizontal view

Here is another variation:

dark boho wood drop earrings - gold and dark brown wood - horizontal view

Wasn’t that easy! Now show off your new earrings to your friends!

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Let me know in the Comments section below. You can also share your results on Pinterest.

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Spinster Simone 🙂

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