You may have wondered what I did with all that t-shirt yarn. Well, I decided to make a braided basket for my living room.

But how did I do it? Well, I needed the basket to have some texture, so I decided to braid the t-shirt yarn that I already had. Then, I rolled the braided cord into a ball to create braided t-shirt yarn.

You can mix t-shirt and denim yarn as I did below, but it’s easier to braid like materials (i.e. braid t-shirts together). If you’re going to do this, you should set aside an afternoon or a weekend to do this.

Here are the instructions:

Braided T-Shirt/Denim Yarn


t-shirt yarn and/or denim yarn



Take 3 balls of t-shirt and/or denim yarn. Pull out a strand of approximately 12″ from each ball of yarn.

strands of yarn

Take the three strands and knot them together.

knotted strands

Braid the strands together, releasing more yarn as you go along.


When there is approximately 5″ left from the end of the shortest strand of yarn, trim the other 2 strands to match the length of that strand. Knot the strands together. Roll the braided cord into a ball.

finishedcord - Edited

Of course, you’ll need more than two balls of braided cord in order to make a rug. I’m still making braided cord for my rug. Once I complete the rug, I’ll share the instructions with you in a future post.

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