I have been busy during this holiday week making and sending gifts to my family members. I wanted to make one more project before the end of the year, so I decided on something simple: a chain choker necklace.


The necklace radiates pure elegance. It’s a lovely addition to any outfit.

I was able to make this necklace in 20 minutes, so it should take you no time to make one. Once you’re done, you’ll be set for all those New Year’s parties this weekend.

Here are the instructions.

Chain Choker Necklace



15″ Bead Landing™ flat round and round silver chain

1 silver-plated slide lock clasp

6 5mm silver-plated jump rings

1 pair of bent nose pliers

1 pair of flat nose pliers


Unlock the clasp. Open one of the jump rings.

Attach the top loop of one part of the clasp to the jump ring, then attach the flat round link of the chain to the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Open another jump ring and attach the middle loop of the clasp and the round link (in the middle) of the chain to it. Close the jump ring.

Open another jump ring and attach the bottom loop of the clasp and the flat round link of the chain to it. Close the jump ring.

Repeat on the other end of the chain with the other part of the clasp.

Voilà! You’re done.

finished necklace

Here’s a view of the back:

back view

Are you making anything special to wear this New Year’s Eve? Please let me know in the Comments section below.

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Thank you so much for your support this year. I hope you visit again in the New Year when I will have more projects to share. I wish everyone a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. Please stay safe this weekend!

Until next time, keep crafting and sharing.

Spinster Simone 🙂

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