I made denim yarn a few months ago and still have the remnants left over. I was going to just recycle the fabric and call it a day. However, I decided that the remnants could be used to make something useful: a denim purse.

The fabric still has the pockets from the top of the jeans, plus decorative embroidery along the outside of the left thigh. Rather than using the large piece of fabric, I cut out the section with the embroidery for the purse and saved the rest for another project.

The embroidered section of fabric was too small for a crossbody but just big enough for a small clutch, so I made that.

Care to make a denim clutch like mine? Then follow these instructions.

Denim Clutch



1 piece of denim fabric

1 piece of scrap denim banding (e.g. area around the waistband, seaming)

1 piece of silk fabric (for lining)

fabric scissors


navy blue thread

1 7″ brass zipper

safety pins


Cut the fabric

Cut denim fabric in half lengthwise by cutting along the zipper and around to the back. Put one of the halves aside.  


Take the other half and cut the section below the front pocket off. This will be the fabric for the clutch.


Make the body

Fold and pin the edges into a square. Sew the edges with the thread (double the thread before sewing). Keep the square wrong side up.

Make the handle

Take the scrap binding and pin each end onto the top and bottom right corners of the square. Fold the square to make certain the clutch looks okay.

Sew each end of the handle onto the square. 

Line the clutch

Cut the silk fabric to the size of the denim square. Fold edges, then pin onto the denim square. Sew the silk fabric onto the denim fabric using an overhand stitch.

Fold the square in half wrong side up with the ends of the handle meeting together. Pin the sides together, leaving the top open. Sew each side of the rectangle.

Add the zipper

Place the zipper wrong side up (i.e. tab is below) and pin each side onto the top of the rectangle. Sew each side of the zipper.

Turn the clutch right side up. Zip the clutch closed. Sew the edge of the handle near the zipper. Make certain that any openings at the corners are sewn.

Congratulations! You made a denim clutch out of your old jeans. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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