I decided to start a new series, DIY favorites, to highlight crafting projects, tools, and articles that piqued my interest during the week.

Since I love braided crafts, I decided to feature a few that caught my eye this week.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite braided projects:

1) I would love to make this braided bracelet by Flax and Twine. You just need a few packs of embroidery thread:

photo via Flax and Twine

2) Speaking of braided bracelets, you still have time to make a few friendship bracelets before the summer is over. Here are a few projects that I like: 

Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelets by Adventures of a DIY Mom

Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet
photo via Adventures of a DIY Mom

Easy Braided Chevron Friendship Bracelet by Captial B

photo via Capital B

3) If you’re looking for a project that features t-shirt yarn, then look no further than this braided bracelet by Lana Red Studio:

DIY | Shirts into Braided Bracelet
photo via Lana Red Studio

4) If you would like to make something more ambitious, how about a braided jute basket courtesy of The Merry Thought. You could use it as a purse (they’re very popular right now), or enlarge it into a storage basket:

DIY Braided Basket @themerrythought
photo via The Merry Thought


5) Finally, I love this braided bead necklace by Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business:

photo via Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business


I love hearing from you. Please let me know what you think of this new feature and my picks for the week.

‘Til next time, happy crafting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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