Seashell jewelry brings me back to the beach. They add a beachy, bohemian touch to summer outfits. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive (if they’re not made of 14K gold).

You could buy seashell jewelry, but it’s more fun to make it! Use cowrie, pukka. mussel or other types of seashells. Just drill holes in the shells and string them on a cord.

Alternatives to natural seashells are polymer clay, metal, even papier mâché. Just use your imagination.

If you would like to make your own seashell jewelry, here are some of my favorite DIYs:

Seashell studs by Crazy DIY Mom:

diy seashell earrings
photo via Crazy DIY Mom


Silver Leaf Bracelet by Sand and Sisal

DIY Silver Leaf Shell Bracelet - How to gild seashells
photo via Sand and Sisal


Resin pendants by Felt Magnet:

Make beautiful jewelry with seashells and resin. This is a beautiful way to preserve vacation memories.
photo via Felt Magnet


Shimmer seashell necklace by Allison Cooling for FaveCrafts:

photo via FaveCrafts


A gold cowrie shell necklace by The Style Safari:

DIY gold cowrie shell necklace
photo via The Style Safari


Shell jewelry projects by A Pair & A Spare:

photo via A Pair & A Spare


Looking for more ideas? Check out my mussel shell earring projects.

Do you love seashell jewelry? Let me know by posting in the Comments section below.

Happy crafting!

Spinster Simone 🙂


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