I have knit dishcloths in five different patterns: garter stitch, waffle stitch, seed stitch, reverse garter stitch and moss stitch. Now, I am sharing the last pattern in the dishcloth series: the double andalusian stitch dishcloth.

double andalusian stitch dishcloth - folded

The double andalusian stitch dishcloth is very easy to knit. It features a series of alternating knit and purl stitches that create a textured fabric that looks similar to the waffle stitch. Like the waffle stitch, you cast on stitches in multiples of 3 + 1 stitch. The first two rows of the double andalusian stitch pattern is a stockinette stitch pattern (i.e. knit stitches on the right side, purl stitches on the wrong side). The third row is also all knit stitches, but the fourth row features alternating knit and purl stitches.

close up view of the double andalusian stitch dishcloth

The double andalusian dishcloth is thick and absorbent, so it is very suitable for a dishcloth. Knit a few of these for your kitchen. You could also knit sets of dishcloths in different patterns to give as gifts.

If you are looking for an alternative to the waffle stitch dishcloth pattern, then the double andalusian dishcloth is for you.

Here are the instructions:

Double Andalusian Stitch Dishcloth


materials for the double andalusian stitch dishcloth

Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn (100% cotton; 2.5oz/70.9g; 120yds/109m) in White

US 8 (5 mm) needles (straight or DPN)

tapestry needle or crochet hook


gauge: 9 stitches/2” (11 rows/2”) in double andalusian stitch pattern

dimensions: 9” square


CO- cast on

RS – right side

WS – wrong side

K – knit

P – purl



CO 40 stitches using long tail method

Row 1 (RS): Knit all stitches

Row 2 (WS):  Purl all stitches

Row 3: Knit all stitches

Row 4:P1,*K1, P1, *repeat to end of row

Repeat Rows 1-4 until dishcloth is approximately 9” from the beginning, ending in row 1.

Bind off on WS in row 2 pattern.

Cut excess yarn. Weave in ends with either the tapestry needle or the crochet hook.

Wash in water with a capful of white vinegar. Squeeze excess water in towel. Dry flat.

Your dishcloth should look like this:

double andalusian stitch dishcloth on table

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please let me know by posting in the Comments section below. You may also share a picture of your results on Pinterest.

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double andalusian stitch dishcloth


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