I love fringe! It adds something funky and special to an outfit, a piece of jewelry, or a home decor item. Since fringe is still trending, I decided to make a simple fringe bar necklace.

funky fringe bar necklace on display (portrait)

The fringe bar necklace is lightweight, so it’s perfect for breezy summer tops and dresses. It adds a colorful pop to a neutral-colored outfit.

It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to make. You need a few pieces of scrap yarn, an eye pin, two pieces of chain, jump rings and a clasp. I made the necklace within 30 minutes, so you could make several of these in one afternoon.

So, if you’re looking for another stylish scrap yarn project, then the funky fringe bar necklace is perfect for you.

Funky Fringe Bar Necklace


scrap pieces of yarn

2” eye pin

2 10-12” pieces of flat chain

4 4mm jump rings

spring clasp



round nose pliers

bent nose pliers

flat nose pliers

Dimensions (approximate): 24.5” long, 11-12” drop from neckline
fringe: 1.5”w x 1.25”l


Make a loop at the end of the eye pin with the round nose pliers.

Take a piece of scrap yarn and fold it in half. Wrap the looped end of the scrap yarn over the eye pin, then thread the ends through the loop. Pull the ends to make a knot. Tighten the knot on the eye pin.

Repeat with more scrap yarn pieces until the eye pin is covered.

Trim the fringe so that it hangs at least 1” from the eye pin. Separate the plies of each fringe piece to make the fringe fuller.

Open a jump ring. Connect a chain piece to one end of the jump ring and the fringed component to the other end of the jump ring. Close the jump ring. Repeat with the other chain piece.

Attach the other two jump rings to the opposite ends of each chain piece. Attach the spring clasp to one of the jump rings.

Hooray! You’re done.

Here is the finished necklace:

funky fringe bar necklace (flat)

Have you tried this project? If so, please share your comments below, or share your pictures on Pinterest.

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