I love fringe earrings. Chain, beaded, fabric – they’re all lovely! I wanted to make a pair of colorful, bohemian fringe earrings, so I decided to make these funky fringe earrings.

Funky Fringe Earrings - featured photo

The earrings are similar to the funky fringe bar necklace that I made last year. I used leftover cotton yarn from my sunshine spiral earrings project to make the fringe base. First, I cut the yarn into 4” pieces, folded and knotted each piece, then separated the plies. I finished the earrings by attaching the fringe pieces to ribbon crimp ends.

These earrings are easy and cheap to make. You can use any yarn you have. If you have scrap pieces of yarn, even better!

So, if you want to make a pair of fun, boho-style earrings, then read on 🙂

Funky Fringe Earrings


materials for the funky fringe earrings

approximately 3ft. of yarn (I used Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream in Hot Orange)

2 gold-plated ribbon crimp ends

2 gold-plated earring wires

2 4mm  gold-plated jump rings

super glue



sharp-tipped pair of tweezers

bent nose pliers 

flat nose pliers


Dimensions (approximate): 1.5″ l x 1″ w



Make the fringe

Cut 8 4” pieces of yarn.

8 pieces of yarn for the funky fringe earrings

Take one piece of yarn, fold it in half, then make a knot.

Separate the plies on each side of the knot.

separate plies for the funky fringe earrings

Fold the fringe piece at the knot, then place aside.

1 fringe piece for the funky fringe earrings

Repeat with the remaining pieces of yarn.  

fringe pieces for the funky fringe earrings


Attach the fringe

Apply super glue along the inside of a ribbon crimp end. Grab one fringe piece with the tweezers and place it inside the ribbon crimp end.

one fringe piece placed inside ribbon clasp for the funky fringe earrings

Continue until you have 4 fringe pieces inside the ribbon crimp end, then fold the ribbon crimp end with the flat nose pliers.


Repeat with the remaining fringe pieces.

Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Finish the earrings

Once the glue has dried, open a jump ring. Attach the earring wire and the fringe earring to the jump ring, then close the jump ring.


Repeat with the other fringe earring.

Hooray! You’re done


funky fringe earrings

Do you love to make earrings? Check out my other earring projects for more ideas.

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Let me know in the Comments section below, or share it on Instagram @spinstersimone with the hashtag #funkyfringeearrings.

Happy crafting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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