I have been on a coaster kick lately. I wanted to add little pops of color to my coffee table when I have guests come over. As I was making the coasters, I realized that I had not knit any of them. I wondered what would a knitted coaster look like, so I knit one in a garter stitch pattern.

cup on garter stitch coaster

I also decided to knit a trivet to match the coaster.

garter stitch trivet

I knit two balls of yarn at once to create a thicker fabric. I held both strands together when I cast on the stitches. Each stitch has two loops. Once the cast on was complete, I knit both loops together as one loop.

When you knit two strands at once, you should make certain that the strands are not twisted together. You could avoid the twisting by placing each ball in its own bag or container so that they will have minimal contact with each other. If the resulting stitches are twisted, it’s not the end of the world since they are not really noticeable.

You should knit the stitches slightly loose so that the stitches do not pucker. Also, it’s easier to insert the needle through the loops when the stitches are slightly loose.

Use any cotton yarn in any color you fancy. The two balls are more than enough for the coaster and trivet with plenty to spare. I chose red, of course, because it’s bold, warm and fun – perfect for the table!

You should be able to knit the coaster and trivet in one afternoon. The trivet took a couple of hours to knit while the coaster only took about 30 minutes to knit. They make great gifts for any occasion, including Christmas, so make several sets of these ahead of time.

Garter Stitch Coaster and Trivet


materials for garter stitch coaster and trivet

2 balls Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn (100% cotton; 2.5oz/70.9g; 120yds/109m) in Red

2 US 10.5 (6.5mm) double point needles

US H/8 (5mm) crochet hook


gauge: 7 stitches/2 inches ( rows/inch) in garter stitch pattern

dimensions: coaster – 4 inches square; trivet – 7.5 inches square


CO – cast on

WS – wrong side



CO 14 stitches with both strands held together.

Knit all rows until coaster is approximately 4 inches long.

Bind off on WS knitwise.

Cut excess yarn. Weave in ends with the crochet hook.


CO 24 inches with both strands held together

Knit all rows until trivet is approximately 7.5 inches long.

Bind off on WS knitwise.

Cut excess yarn. Weave in ends with the crochet hook.

Soak both items in a tub of cold water with a capful of white vinegar. Squeeze excess water in towel. Dry flat.

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