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I saved a bunch of used cardboard rolls from packing tape. When I accumulated enough to make something, I decided to make geometric wall hangings.


I painted each cardboard roll in contrasting, tropical colors before gluing the rolls together. Once the hangings were dry, I hung them up on the wall.

The cardboard rolls should be stiff and dry.  You do not want wet, soggy rolls. Also, make certain to paint each roll in thin layers. Allow one layer to dry thoroughly before painting the next.

It will take a weekend to complete both wall hangings, but much of that time is just waiting for the paint and glue to dry. 



materials for the geometric wall hangings


empty cardboard rolls from packing tape (1 large and 15 small)

satin acrylic paint – 2 colors (1 for interior, 1 for exterior)

paint brush

glue (I used Krazy Glue)

newspaper (to line work area)

wax paper (for drying rolls)

3 saucers (2 for paint, 1 for water)

wall hooks



orbit wall hanging: 6.5″ diameter; 1.75″ d

triangle wall hanging: 4.5″h x 5″w x 1.75″d



Paint the interior of each roll

Prepare the workspace by lining your table with the newspaper, then place the wax paper to the side.

Next, fill one saucer with water and the other two saucers with paint (1 color/saucer).


Paint the interior of each cardboard roll with your color of choice (I chose yellow for the orbit wall hanging and turquoise for the triangle wall hanging).  Allow the paint to dry.

interior space of the cardboard rolls for the orbit wall hanging were painted yellow


interior space of the cardboard rolls for the triangle wall hanging were painted turquoise


Make the orbit wall hanging

Place the large round roll in the center, then place 9 small rolls around the center roll. Glue the edges of the rolls together. Allow the glue to dry.



Next, paint the outside of the orbit with the contrasting color (in this case, aqua). Allow the paint to dry.


Hang the orbit shelf on the wall, or place it on a table.

Make the triangle wall hanging

I reversed the steps listed above.

Once the painted interior was dry, I painted the exterior of each roll with the contrasting color, bright yellow. Then, I allowed the painted rolls to dry.

painted exterior of cardboard rolls for the triangle wall hanging


Next, I glued the painted rolls into a triangle shape. Then, I allowed the glue to dry and cure overnight.

Once dry, I hung it on the wall.

side view of triangle wall hanging



The geometric wall hangings can also be used as mini table storage to decorate a desk. Just add some paper clips and/or supplies.


I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please let me know through the Comments section below, or share your geometric wall hangings on Instagram @spinstersimone with the tag #geowallhangings.

Let me know if you have any questions about this project, or if you want to see more projects like it. Just leave your comments below.

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