I had some scrap yarn left over from a project, so I decided to knit a bracelet using the i-cord stitch.

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The i-cord bracelet was very quick and easy to knit. The challenge was determining what type of clasp to use with the i-cord. I would have loved to use a ribbon clasp, but the slide lock clasp was a better fit with the thick i-cord.

The i-cord bracelet is very easy to make and takes about an hour to complete. You could make several of these for people on your holiday gift list.

Here are the instructions:

I-Cord Bracelet



scrap yarn (I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream in Red)

2 US 6 (4 mm) double-point needles

6 gold-toned 5mm jump rings

1 gold-toned slide lock clasp

1 tapestry needle



CO – cast on

BO – bind off


CO 6 stitches.


Slide stitches from left side to right side of the needle.


Carry the strand of yarn from the left side of the row to the right side of the row.

bringyarnaround - Edited

Knit every stitch along the row.

kniticordRepeat steps 2-4 until the i-cord is approximately 6”, then BO each stitch on the last row. Weave in ends using the tapestry needle.

Lay the finished i-cord horizontally with the wrong side up. Take a jump ring, open it and attach it to one side of the i-cord.

Attach the opened jump ring through one loop of the slide lock clasp. Close the jump ring.

Attach two more jump rings along the same side of the i-cord, through their corresponding loops on the slide lock. Close the jump rings.

attachclasp - Edited

Take the remaining jump rings and repeat steps 6-8 on the other side of the i-cord.

You’re done. You now have a lovely i-cord bracelet.


Here’s a picture of me wearing the bracelet


I love the texture and color of the bracelet. I like wearing this bracelet with a tank shirt and jeans (of course), but you could wear this with any casual outfit.

Have you tried this project? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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