Did you ever begin a project, only to abandon it? That’s what I did with my jute i-cord doormat project.


finished i-cord doormat

I started working on the project a couple of years ago when it was going to be a large area rug. However, I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated, so I abandoned the project until earlier this year.

I decided to rework the project by making a doormat out of the i-cord strips since it would be quicker to finish. Also, I needed to replace my old doormat.

First, I knit 10 individual i-cord strips. Next, I folded each i-cord strip and sewed the sides together. Finally, I sewed the folded strips together to finish the doormat.

The jute i-cord doormat took me several weekends to finish. If you knit all the i-cords in 5 weeks (i.e. 4-5 weekends), then you should be able to finish the doormat in 6 weeks.

If you’re looking for an unusual i-cord knitting project, then this project is for you.

Jute I-Cord Doormat


jute twine and US 6 double point needles for the jute i-cord doormat

5-6 balls heavy duty jute twine (#30 x 190’) – I purchased these from Home Depot

2 US 6 (4mm) double point needles (DPNs)

1 H-8 (5mm) crochet needle

heavy-duty scissors

tapestry needle

gauge: 5 stitches = .75” ; 4 rows = 1”

dimensions: .75” x 50” (i-cord strip) ; 1” x 26” (folded strip); 12″ x 26″ (doormat)


CO – cast on

K – knit

BO – bind off


Knit the i-cord strips

CO 5 stitches on one of the DPNs.

cast on 5 stitches for the i-cord

K all stitches on the row.

Push the stitches to the opposite end of the needle.

Bring the strand of twine from the back of the last stitch to the back of the first stitch on the needle.

Repeat the last 3 steps until i-cord is 50“ long

BO knitwise.

Cut the twine and weave in the ends. Place the i-cord strip aside.

i-cord strip for the i-cord doormat

Knit 9 additional i-cord strips, then place them aside.

i-cord strips for the jute i-cord doormat

Make the doormat

Fold one of the i-cord strips in half.

Cut approximately 3 feet of twine and thread the tapestry needle with it. Sew the sides together using the mattress stitch technique.

When you reach the end, knot the twine, then cut the excess. Place the folded strip aside.

folded i-cord strip for the jute i-cord doormat

Repeat the instructions above with the other i-cord strips. Place the folded i-cord strips aside.

folded i-cord strips for the jute i-cord doormat

Sew the folded i-cord strips together using the whip stitch technique.

Trim the excess twine from the ends, then weave in the ends with the crochet needle.

Here is the doormat at my front door

jute i-cord doormat at my front door

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