I was checking out the various fashion blogs and noticed that chokers were in for Fall 2015.  Many of them were bold, sculptural statement pieces like the ones featured here. I wanted to make a choker that was a little lighter to wear while still making a statement. So, I decided to knit one using some leftover yarn.

knit choker on table

The biggest challenge was finding a fastener for the knit choker. I was just going to leave the fabric flat and try using a ribbon clasp, but the fabric was too thick for that. I searched through all of my findings for the appropriate fastener. Finally, I realized that I had some bullet end caps that I was going to use for a different jewelry project. I twisted the fabric into a rope-like piece before placing the ends in each end cap. When I discovered that it would work, I decided to make a rope-like choker.

It only takes a few hours on a weekend afternoon to complete the knit choker. You could use any color bulky yarn that you want. You could make these while riding the subway or train to work. The materials should fit easily into a tote bag.

Knit Choker


1/2 skein of Lion Brand Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn in Fisherman (this yarn has been discontinued, but you can find a substitute here)

2 US 10.5 (6.5mm) double point needles


1 pair silver-toned end caps with extender chain and lobster clasp

super adhesive glue, like Krazy Glue®


CO – cast on

sl – slip stitch off the needle

k – knit

p – purl


CO 10 stitches

Row 1: sl1 knitwise, k1 until end of row.

Row 2: sl1 purlwise, p1 until end of row.

knit fabric for the knit choker

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until knitted fabric measures approximately 16” or desired length.

Bind off. Trim excess yarn with the scissors, leaving a long tail.

Fold fabric vertically. Sew ends together, forming a rope-like structure.

stitching ends for the knit choker

When you reach opposite end, trim excess yarn. Weave in ends.

Apply glue inside one end cap. Gently push tip against the inside of the end cap. Repeat on opposite end. Let dry for approximately 15-30 minutes.

Your choker should look like this:

knit choker on display

I love the bold texture of this necklace.

close up view of the knit choker

I plan to wear this with a turtleneck top. You could also wear this with a crew neck or scoop neck top.

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