I love the look of mala bead necklaces and bracelets. They look very elegant, yet are easy to wear.

I wanted to create something similar that would be easy to wear, so I made a mala-inspired necklace using lightweight wooden beads and satin ribbon. All I have to do is tie the ribbon strands around my neck and I’m good to go.

Here are the instructions:

Mala-Inspired Necklace


(l-r): wood beads, clear nail polish, big eye needles, dark gold ribbon, fabric scissors

9 large wooden beads

satin ribbon, gold

1 big eye beading needle

fabric scissors

clear nail polish


Cut a 32” strand of satin ribbon (or a length that will work for you).


Thread ribbon through the big eye needle.

thread ribbon

Thread ribbon through a wooden bead.


Center wooden bead on the ribbon.


Knot ribbon on either end of the wooden bead.


Thread one side of the ribbon through another wooden bead, then knot the ribbon.

Thread the other side of the ribbon through another wooden bead, then knot the ribbon.


Continue with this pattern until all of the beads are on the ribbon, then trim the ribbon ends.

Paint ribbon edges with clear nail polish. Allow nail polish to dry.

Your necklace should look like this:


You could wear your necklace with a daytime dress or casual top. I like to wear my necklace with a simple shift dress.

Please share your suggestions in the comments section below. If you have made something similar, please share a picture of that as well.

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