I had an old sweater that had holes and tears that made it unwearable. I usually bring my old sweaters to the recycling station at my local farmers market when I ready to get rid of them. However, I needed a pillow cover for one of my throw pillows, so I made one out of my old cardigan sweater.


The pillow cover is very simple to make. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete, so you could make this on a weekend afternoon. You will save money and keep another sweater away from your local landfill.

You only need a few materials to make this pillow cover. I used yarn from my stash to sew the pillow cover. You could substitute with thread, but it will take longer to complete.

Here are the instructions:

Old Sweater Pillow Cover


1 old cardigan sweater (should be large enough to wrap around the pillow insert)

1  20” x 20” pillow

safety pins

1 pair of fabric scissors (you could also use heavy duty scissors)

1 tapestry needle

scrap yarn (approx. 6ft total (3ft/side)


Cut the sleeves and collar off the sweater.

Lay the fabric right side up. Fold the fabric around the pillow. Pin the sides of the fabric around the pillow to make the pillow cover. Remove the pillow.


Sew one side of the pillow cover with the yarn. Sew the other side. Trim excess yarn and fabric.

Turn pillow cover right side up with the flap facing you. Insert pillow.

Here is my new pillow on my sofa.


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