I was inspired by all the talk about the solar eclipse and other things planetary, so I decided to make an orbit necklace.

orbit necklace hanging on wall

The orbit necklace is a quirky piece of jewelry. You can wear it alone or layer it with other delicate necklaces that you own. It’s not fussy, so it works well with any casual attire.

I used an old stone bead (I have no idea what kind) that I had lying around my bead stash. I strung it on an eye pin, attached a jump ring for the “ring” around the bead (the “planet”) and attached chain to complete the necklace.

You can use any round bead that you have, just make certain that the jump ring for the “ring” is at least 2mm wider than the bead. Also, once you string the eye pin through the bead, make certain that the remaining tip is long enough to make a loop.

If you’re ready to make an orbit necklace, then let’s begin.

Orbit Necklace


materials for the orbit necklace

1 round bead
1 jump ring that is at least 2mm wider than the size of the round bead (I used a 14mm gold-plated jump ring)
1 gold-plated 1.25” eye pin
2 12” pieces of gold-plated flat curb chain
4 gold-plated 4mm jump rings
1 gold-plated spring clasp
1 pair flat nose pliers
1 pair bent nose pliers
1 pair round nose pliers

Dimensions: 15mm (.59”) wide; 26” long, 11-12” drop from neckline


Make the pendant

Slide the eye pin through the hole of the bead.

eye pin in bead for orbit necklace

Bend tip of eye pin at a 45° angle with the round nose pliers.

bend tip of eye pin



Make a loop in the opposite direction of the bent angle. Close the loop by tucking the end as close to the base of the loop as possible with the bent nose pliers.

bead with loops on either side for the orbit necklace

Open, then slide the 14mm jump ring through one loop of the eye pin.

Bring the jump ring around the bead through the opposite loop of the eye pin. Close the jump ring.

Finish the necklace

Open 2 of the 4mm jump rings. Attach one jump ring per chain piece, then attach the chain pieces to the bead. Close the jump rings.

close up of orbit necklace hanging on a wall

Open the remaining 4mm jump rings. Attach one jump ring to one of the jump rings and the other jump ring to a spring clasp before attaching to the other jump ring. Close the jump rings.

You’re done! You should have an orbit necklace that looks like this:

orbit necklace on display

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