DIY Favorites – Wraps and Shawls

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I love wearing wraps and shawls. They’re perfect accessories to my wardrobe, plus they’re portable. I can wear them in the office, on the train, or on the plane. When I’m not wearing them, I can fold and pack them away easily. Wraps and shawls are expensive to buy, so I prefer knitting or crocheting […]

DIY Favorites – Ponchos

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I always loved wearing ponchos as a kid in the 1970s. One of the ponchos was a colorful granny-squared variety that my Mom crocheted by hand. I always threw on the poncho when the weather was cool and dry.  It made me feel like a cool boho girl from L.A. even though I lived in […]

DIY Favorites – Capes and Capelets

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If you want to make garments that you can throw over your outfits like ponchos, but work better with more formal wear, then capes and caplets are great options. Capes, like ponchos, are sleeveless garments that cover the shoulders and trunk of the body. Unlike ponchos, capes are more fitted around the neck and shoulders, […]

DIY Favorites – Advent Calendars

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I remember receiving Advent calendars when I attended Catholic grammar school. They were these plain paper calendars that had little Bible verses printed behind the little doors. Each door had a number on it, helping you count down the days to Christmas. Since we were not very religious, we ignored it. If you take the […]

DIY Favorites – Christmas Stockings

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I’m not a fan of traditional Christmas decorations, but I love Christmas stockings. I always loved the little gifts that I received in my stockings. They bring back fond memories of Christmases gone by. You could buy Christmas stockings filled with treats, but they’re better when you make them yourself. Just sew, knit or crochet […]