DIY Favorites – Body Products

DIY Favorites - Homemade Body Products - 2/22/2019Read more

I love trying new body products. They are an affordable way to make your skin feel wonderful. Unfortunately, many of the body products sold today contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans. Since I want to avoid anything that could be harmful, I try to make them. I can easily buy the ingredients without […]

DIY Favorites – Bath and Shower Products

DIY Favorites - Bath and Shower Products - 3/1/2019Read more

I’m trying to use natural bath and shower products, but I have a hard time determining if the ingredients are safe to use. So, I make my products. I love discovering new ways to make safer bath and shower products. If you want to make your own, here are a few of my favorite projects: […]

DIY Favorites – Perfumes and Sprays

DIY Favorites - Perfumes and Sprays - 3/8/2019Read more

I am not a fan of artificial perfumes and sprays. They irritate my sinuses and linger too long in a room. Plus, many perfumes and sprays contain artificial fragrances, dyes, and other substances that may be harmful to people. I like to mix essential oils (e.g. lavender) with a carrier oil (e.g. sweet almond), then […]

DIY Favorites – Room Diffusers

DIY Favorites - Room Diffusers - 3/15/2019Read more

Many commercial room diffusers are made of harmful chemicals and dyes. Also, the smell is so strong that they make some people nauseous. There are better alternatives. Aromatherapy room diffusers are an excellent way to incorporate scent into your home. Many of these run on electric, so they can be expensive. There are also non-electric […]

DIY Favorites – Cleaning Products

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It’s spring, so I usher in the season with a deep cleaning of my home. I gather my tools and cleaning products, then clean every room. I used to buy name-brand products, but I stopped when I read the ingredients. Alcohol ethoxylate? Alkyl sulfate? 2-hexoxyethanol? Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate? I can barely pronounce these ingredients, let […]