Vegetable Stew

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I was feeling under the weather earlier this week and wanted to make something that would warm up my body. I didn’t want soup, but I still wanted something filling that did not have any animal protein. Also, I wanted to make a one pot meal so that I could reduce my cleaning up time. […]

Aventurine Pendant Necklace

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I was going through my bead stash (again!) and found some yellow aventurine nuggets that I haven’t used in quite some time. I love chunky gemstones such as these, but I was always at a loss as to what I should make with them. I started playing around with them and wondered what they would look […]

Knit Choker

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I was checking out the various fashion blogs and noticed that chokers were in for Fall 2015.  Many of them were bold, sculptural statement pieces like the ones featured here. I wanted to make a choker that was a little lighter to wear while still making a statement. So, I decided to knit one using […]

Agate Bead Bracelet

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I was going through my jewelry drawer and discovered that my black agate bead bracelet was broken. All of the beads fell off the elastic cord. I loved wearing this bracelet because I could easily slip it on and go out. I was really upset about this, but I was determined to fix the bracelet. […]

Simple Halloween Bracelets

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Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you’re having fun today. Ok, I almost forgot to post a project today. I’ve been so busy working on long term crafting projects that I didn’t realize that it was Halloween today. I didn’t want to make anything overtly Halloween, but I love the colors associated with this time […]