Braided T-Shirt/Denim Yarn

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You may have wondered what I did with all that t-shirt yarn. Well, I decided to make a braided basket for my living room. But how did I do it? Well, I needed the basket to have some texture, so I decided to braid the t-shirt yarn that I already had. Then, I rolled the braided […]

I-Cord Bracelet

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I had some scrap yarn left over from a project, so I decided to knit a bracelet using the i-cord stitch. The i-cord bracelet was very quick and easy to knit. The challenge was determining what type of clasp to use with the i-cord. I would have loved to use a ribbon clasp, but the […]

Tomato, Corn and Basil Soup

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I was passing by a Hale & Hearty shop and noticed that they were offering a tomato, corn and basil soup. I didn’t stop in and buy some, but I thought that it would be a great idea to make it myself. Since it’s fall and I’m loving what is available at the farmers’ markets […]

T-Shirt Yarn

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My t-shirts were worn out, so I removed them from my wardrobe. I usually bring them to the textile recycling stall at my local farmers market, but I decided to make t-shirt yarn. I could then use the t-shirt yarn in future knitting and braiding projects. There are plenty of websites listing instructions for making […]

Mala-Inspired Necklace

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I love the look of mala bead necklaces and bracelets. They look very elegant, yet are easy to wear. I wanted to create something similar that would be easy to wear, so I made a mala-inspired necklace using lightweight wooden beads and satin ribbon. All I have to do is tie the ribbon strands around […]