Apple Berry Crisp

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Have you ever eaten a dessert for breakfast? I have a tendency to want something sweet. I’ll usually have a piece of dark chocolate or, if I have some extra change, purchase a cookie from my local bakery to eat on the way to work. Now, I don’t like the idea of having something that’s […]

Go-Go Earrings

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I can’t believe that fall is almost here in New York. I usually check out the stores (both on and offline) to see what’s in style for the season. Apparently, long drop earrings are in style for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 as shown here. I like some of the earrings, but I also wanted something with a […]

Braided Cord

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I was going through my yarn stash again and found these: I could knit something with these, but I wanted to play around with braiding techniques. After an hour of experimenting, I made a braided cord. It looks like a very complicated item to make, but it’s actually quite easy. Here’s how I made it: […]

Tri-Color Throw Pillow Cover

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I was looking at my sad-looking throw pillows on my hideous futon sofa. They have clearly seen better days. I wanted to purchase new throw pillows with lovely pillow covers, but the prices were way above my budget. So, I decided to knit a throw pillow cover. I purchased the pillow insert along with bulky […]

Vegetable Stock

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I am very passionate about keeping as much food waste from the landfills as possible. One thing that particularly bothers me is that people in my neighborhood still throw out perfectly useful vegetable scraps in the garbage. The scraps could be used as compost, or even better, as vegetable stock. With that in mind, I […]