Lapis Lazuli Necklace

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I have boxes filled with beads: seed beads, crystals, gemstone chips, glass beads. My bead stash is so big that I could open a small bead shop on eBay if I wanted to. However, I enjoy making jewelry with my beads, so I’m not selling them anytime soon. As I was going through my collection, […]

Moss Stitch Laptop Sleeve

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I was looking at my stash again and wondered what to do with the leftover yarn from a sweater project that I completed earlier this year. I really wanted to make something that did not require a complicated and lengthy pattern. Also, I wanted to make something useful. After racking my brain for ideas, I […]

Seed Stitch Throw

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Do you ever look at your yarn stash and wonder what to do with all that yarn? I know I have. Here’s a picture of my stash: I was struggling to figure out something to do with my leftover yarn until I realized that I could make a throw by knitting the yarn into squares. […]