DIY Favorites – Paper Flowers

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I like having live flowers in my home. They add color and beauty to my space. However, they don’t last. Fortunately, paper flowers are a beautiful alternative. They don’t cost a lot of money to make. Plus, they can be recycled with paper waste when they fall apart. They can be made with a variety […]

DIY Favorites – Pressed Flowers

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Fresh flowers are a beautiful accent to any home, but they don’t last long. One way to preserve flowers is by pressing them, then using them to make decorative items. If you like making items with pressed flowers, then you will like these projects: Pressed Flower Rocks by Kathleen CR for Instructables: Pressed flowers in […]

DIY Favorites – Easter Projects

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Easter is almost here. Have you made your baskets yet? I have no plans to make baskets or anything else for Easter. However, if I were going to make anything, I would try some of these DIY projects: A concrete, egg-shaped candle by Lily Ardor:   Sakura Eggs by Craft Passion:   Egg Terrariums by […]

DIY Favorties – Upcycled Plastic Projects

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Earth Day is a time to think about how we handle our waste, especially plastic. According to this article in The Economist, most of the plastic waste produced since the 1950s has been dumped in landfills or the natural environment (i.e. oceans, rivers, etc.). Single-use plastic products such as plastic bottles and plastic bags make […]

DIY Favorites – Upcycled Paper Projects

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I love upcycling paper products. It’s a creative way to keep paper waste away from the landfills and incinerators. There are many DIY upcycled paper projects. Here are some of my favorites: A cardboard loom by Recycled Read:   Toilet paper roll wall art by DIY Tag:   A coiled magazine page dish by Saved […]