I am really happy that spring is finally here. After going through the passing of my cat this winter, I’m comforted by the hope, renewal, and serenity that spring represents.

In honor of spring, I made a pastel bracelet with aquamarine and rose quartz chip beads:


The colors of the beads are similar to the Pantone Colors of this year: Serenity and Rose Quartz. These colors totally represent spring.

It’s simple to make and takes an hour to make. If you want to make something elegant without spending much time, then the pastel bracelet is for you.

Here are the instructions:

Pastel Bracelet



gold plated memory wire

rose quartz chip beads

aquamarine chip beads

gold plated memory wire end cap beads

memory wire shears

goggles (to protect the eyes)



rubber earring backs

jewelry file


Put on your goggles. Cut the memory wire with the pliers making certain that the ends cross each other.  File each end of the memory wire until smooth (You may now remove your goggles).

String the rose quartz chips. Center the rose quartz ‘block’ of chips.

String the aquamarine chips on either side of the rose quartz ‘block’ until there is approx. ¼” of memory wire remaining on each side. Place the rubber earring backs on each end to prevent the beads from sliding off the memory wire.

Take one end cap bead and place it on one end. Repeat on the other end. Make certain that each end cap bead fits. Remove the end caps.

Remove one of the earring backs. Apply adhesive with the toothpick onto the remaining wire. Slide one bead on the wire. Place the end cap bead onto the end. Repeat on the other end. Allow adhesive to dry before wearing.


Here is the bracelet on me:


You could wear this with casual dresses or more formal outfits for work. I plan to wear this with my more formal outfits for weddings and other special occasions.

I would love to know how this project worked out for you. Please share your results in the Comments section below.

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