I usually avoid making items for specific holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. However, I couldn’t resist, so I made a pink heart wall hanging:

pink heart wall hanging


I made the heart out of a cardboard paper towel roll and pink acrylic paint.  I just painted the paper towel roll, cut it into strips, and glued the strips into a heart shape. It was very fun and easy to make.

The pink heart wall hanging is not only easy and colorful, but also very inexpensive to make. You probably have some of the supplies stashed away in your home. Just buy a couple bottles of acrylic craft paint in two shades of pink, and you’re all set.

Here are the instructions:

Pink Heart Wall Hanging


materials for the pink heart wall hanging


empty cardboard paper towel roll

acrylic paint – 2 colors (1 light, 1 dark)

paint brush

heavy duty scissors

Krazy Glue

newspaper (to line work area)

a piece of yarn or cord (to hang heart)

tapestry needle

wall hook


Dimensions: 13”h x 10”w x 1”d



Paint the roll

Paint the interior of the cardboard roll with your color of choice. Allow the paint to dry.

interior of cardboard roll painted


Next, paint the exterior of the roll with the other color, then allow the paint to dry.

painted exterior of cardboard roll for the pink heart wall hanging

Cut the strips

Once dry, cut the tube in half. Take one half and cut that in half. Continue until you have 16 1” strips.

Make the heart

Make a heart shape with the strips, then glue the strips together at their tips. Allow the heart to dry overnight.

Attach the cord

Punch a hole through the top center of the heart.


Thread the needle with the yarn, then tie a knot at the end of the yarn. Insert the needle through the right hole, then up and away from the heart.

Make a loop with the yarn, then insert the needle down through the left hole. Remove the yarn from the needle then tie a knot at the end of the yarn.

Hang the heart on a hook and you’re done!


right side of pink heart wall hanging


pink heart wall hanging wide view

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please let me know through the Comments section below, or share your heart wall hanging on Instagram @spinstersimone with the tag #pinkheartwallhanging.

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