Christmas Projects

DIY Favorites – Christmas Stars

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I love seeing Christmas decorations featuring stars. They represent hope and light during dark times. You really can’t have Christmas without stars. Traditionally, stars are placed on top of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. However, they can also be used in garlands, wreaths, and other decorations. You can make them with a variety of materials, […]

DIY Favorites – Christmas Treats

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I like many things about Christmas, but I look forward to eating sweet Christmas treats. Gingerbread cookies, tarts, chocolate candies, cupcakes, anything sweet is fair game. You don’t have to carve out a lot of time to make Christmas treats. Just bake a dozen cupcakes or cookies on Christmas Eve, then share them with family […]

DIY Favorites – Christmas Trees

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Christmas trees bring back wonderful childhood memories with my family. My mom usually purchased a live tree that we decorated with a mixture of old and new ornaments. As an adult, I have purchased a live tree in a pot and small artificial trees. Even though these are traditional, they are expensive, extremely messy, and […]