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DIY Favorites – Pearl Jewelry Projects

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This week’s DIY favorites features one of my favorite types of jewelry: pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry is timeless, elegant, and works with most wardrobes. Even though I like the classic strung pearl necklaces and bracelets, I love more modern pearl jewelry. I searched the internet and found some DIY pearl jewelry projects that are fresh […]

DIY Favorites – Coaster Projects

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When I first started crafting, I tackled wire wrapping jewelry projects and sweater knitting projects. These are not the easiest projects for beginners, but I managed to do them. If I were a beginner, I would learn how to make or embellish coasters. They are simple, quick and stylish additions to the home. I searched […]

DIY Favorites – Wood Bead Projects

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I noticed that beaded purses are becoming more popular, especially those made out of wood beads. They have a funky, ‘70s style that I love. I tried searching for instructions on how to make a wood bead bag, but I have not found anything. Meanwhile, I found plenty of wood bead projects that are inspiring. […]

DIY Favorites – Coastal Decor Projects

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I love coastal decor. It takes me back to those wonderful memories of visiting the seashore, especially those along the East Coast of the United States. Whenever I visit a home decorated in cool coastal colors, I calm down immediately. If you love the shore and want to add a piece of it to your home, […]

DIY Favorites – Beaded Wrap Bracelets

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I always loved the Chan Luu jewelry line, especially the beaded wrap bracelets. They are chic, yet casual. Elegant, yet affordable. Totally boho cool. Unfortunately, I don’t have the bucks to buy an original Chan Luu. However, I could make one. I only need beads, leather cord, thread, and a needle to create my own […]