Fluffy Fan Earrings

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I was dreaming about making a pair of fabulous earrings, but I could not figure out what to make. Then I realized that I had some cotton yarn in my yarn stash, so I made a pair of red fluffy fan earrings. The earrings are lightweight and fun to wear. They look great with spring […]

Holiday Gift Ideas 2017

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It’s that time of the year again. I don’t know about you, but I’m in gift-making (and gift-giving) hell! I still haven’t finished making some of the gifts I plan to give. If you are in the same boat and need some gift ideas, why not make one of the items listed below. Holiday Gift […]

Sunshine Spiral Clutch Purse

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I wanted to continue exploring braided spirals after making the sunshine spiral earrings. After much experimentation, I decided to make a purse – the sunshine spiral clutch purse, to be exact. It took me a long time to figure out the design for the sunshine spiral purse. Making the braids and spirals was not difficult. […]

Sunshine Spiral Earrings

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I wanted to make a pair of earrings that complemented the braided pendant that I made a few months ago. However, I wanted to use a different color and avoid gluing the sides together. So, I settled on making orange spiral earrings by sewing the sides of the flattened braid together.   The spiral earrings are […]

Tin Can Garden Pots

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  I like to find ways to reuse items that I would otherwise throw out. I especially like to turn empty tin cans into pots for the garden. Tin can garden pots are easy and inexpensive to make. They are also lightweight and eco-friendly. Once the plants die out, you can recycle the pots. You […]