Braided Pendant

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(Subscribers, click here for your free PDF download)   I was toying with the idea of making a braided pendant, but I wasn’t certain that I could pull it off. Finally, I took the plunge and made one. I made the braided pendant in the same manner as the swirl coaster, except that I braided […]

Swirl Coaster

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I’m continuing to make coasters for the table, but I did not want to make square coasters. I was curious how a braided circular coaster would look, so I decided to make the swirl coaster. I love how the colors mix together to add a bold and colorful touch to the table. They add a […]

Braided Coaster

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I wanted to make something simple and useful out of braids, so I made a braided coaster. I used leftover red, white and blue cotton yarn to make the braided coaster. The braids create a thick yet flat fabric that can hold a cup or glass on a table.  I love how the colors mix […]

Most Popular Projects – 2016 Edition

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I was curious to find out what were the most popular projects in 2016, so I checked my stats. What I found most interesting was that all of the projects use cotton yarn. Most of the projects are quite simple and inexpensive. Most of the items are staples that most of us need. Most are […]

10 Handmade Christmas Gifts

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Hey, there! If you’re like me, you have yet to begin making gifts for the people on your Christmas list. Since Christmas is coming soon, I wanted to share some ideas for handmade Christmas gifts that you could make in no time without breaking the bank! Here they are: 1) Chain Choker Necklace Approximate time: 30 […]