Plastic Mat

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I made a batch of yarn out of mesh produce bags and was wondering what to do with them. I considered making hanging baskets for some of my plants out of them but that would have been too complicated. Finally, I settled on making a plastic mat. I knit the plastic mat using a garter […]

How to Make Mesh Produce Bag Yarn

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I had piles of mesh produce bags in my closet, so I decided to make mesh produce bag yarn. Yes, yarn out of mesh produce bags! I have been collecting them over the years hoping to make yarn out of them but haven’t gotten around to it until recently. It’s not complicated. You only need […]

Denim Clutch

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I made denim yarn a few months ago and still have the remnants left over. I was going to just recycle the fabric and call it a day. However, I decided that the remnants could be used to make something useful: a denim purse. The fabric still has the pockets from the top of the […]

Springtime Sachet

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I always loved lavender. The scent is very fresh and grassy, just like spring. Whenever I smell lavender flowers or lavender essential oil, I relax easily. I purchased some dried lavender and chamomile a few months ago with the intention to make potpourri. I have yet to do that. However, the scented sachet in my […]

Old Sweater Pillow Cover

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I had an old sweater that had holes and tears that made it unwearable. I usually bring my old sweaters to the recycling station at my local farmers market when I ready to get rid of them. However, I needed a pillow cover for one of my throw pillows, so I made one out of […]