Braided Bracelet

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I have scraps of t-shirt fabric left over from making t-shirt yarn. I really love making and wearing braided bracelets, so I’m going to show you how I made mine. Here are the instructions. Materials 3 strips of t-shirt fabric (my strips measured approximately 18″ each – you should use strips that will make a […]

Sleep Mask

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My sleep mask has seen better days. It’s worn, dirty and missing an elastic band. I tried to fix it by cutting and sewing an elastic hair band on either end of the mask. However, it was too tight around my head. Dismayed by the results, I decided to do the most logical thing: make […]

Toy Mouse – Part 2

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As promised, here is the second part of the toy mouse project. If you need the instructions for the catnip insert, click here. Toy Mouse – Part Two Materials 1 piece of gray felt small pieces of white, black and pink felt scrap piece of yarn thread sewing needle safety or straight pins magic marker or […]

Toy Mouse – Part 1

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I realized that I did not make anything for my cat, Lucy, for Christmas. Since she constantly chews up and destroys the toy mice that I purchase for her, I decided to make a toy mouse. I used felt to make the mouse and leftover scrap pieces of a t-shirt from my t-shirt yarn project to make […]

Braided T-Shirt/Denim Yarn

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You may have wondered what I did with all that t-shirt yarn. Well, I decided to make a braided basket for my living room. But how did I do it? Well, I needed the basket to have some texture, so I decided to braid the t-shirt yarn that I already had. Then, I rolled the braided […]