Cotton Cord Wrap Bracelet/Necklace

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Do you have a pile of shopping bags and don’t know what to do with them? Well, you can remove the cotton cord handle and make a wrap bracelet/necklace combo: The wrap bracelet/necklace is easy to make. Just remove the handle from the shopping bag, crimp each end of the handle, then attach the jump […]

Life Preserver Bracelet

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Have you ever found something in your closet and wondered why you purchased it? I have many times, especially when it comes to beads and jewelry components. One of my questionable purchases is a packet of round wooden rings. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, so they sat in […]

Pastel Bracelet

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I am really happy that spring is finally here. After going through the passing of my cat this winter, I’m comforted by the hope, renewal, and serenity that spring represents. In honor of spring, I made a pastel bracelet with aquamarine and rose quartz chip beads: The colors of the beads are similar to the […]

Braided Bracelet

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I have scraps of t-shirt fabric left over from making t-shirt yarn. I really love making and wearing braided bracelets, so I’m going to show you how I made mine. Here are the instructions. Materials 3 strips of t-shirt fabric (my strips measured approximately 18″ each – you should use strips that will make a […]

Slim Bracelet

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I was looking for supplies to use with a project that I’m working on when I realized that I had a container filled with scrap beading wire. I was saving it thinking that I would make something with them. After several years (no, I’m not kidding), I finally figured out what to make with them: […]