Boho Wood Drop Earrings

boho wood drop earrings - 3 pairsRead more

(Subscribers, click here for your free PDF download)   I’m on an earrings kick. I love making and wearing earrings. They make a boring outfit dazzling. They are also the perfect way to express your individuality, especially if you have a strict dress code at work. I wanted to make something with some leftover wood […]

Twisted Wire Hoop Earrings

small and large twisted wire hoop earringsRead more

I love making wire hoop earrings. They are easy to make yet add an elegant touch to an outfit. However, I wanted to make something different from the standard smooth wire type, so I made a pair of twisted wire hoop earrings. Twisted wire hoop earrings are easy to make. First, I wrapped 24 gauge […]

Seed Bead Teardrop Earrings

red seed bead teardrop earrings vertical viewRead more

(Subscribers, click here for your free PDF download)   I was clearing out my jewelry stash when I found some scrap beading wire stashed in one of my boxes. I could have discarded the wire, but I decided to make these lovely seed bead teardrop earrings. These earrings are fun, lightweight, bold and colorful. They […]

Fluffy Fan Earrings

fluffy fan earrings (vertical)Read more

I was dreaming about making a pair of fabulous earrings, but I could not figure out what to make. Then I realized that I had some cotton yarn in my yarn stash, so I made a pair of red fluffy fan earrings. The earrings are lightweight and fun to wear. They look great with spring […]

Sunshine Spiral Earrings

close up of sunshine spiral earringsRead more

I wanted to make a pair of earrings that complemented the braided pendant that I made a few months ago. However, I wanted to use a different color and avoid gluing the sides together. So, I settled on making orange spiral earrings by sewing the sides of the flattened braid together.   The spiral earrings are […]