Waffle Stitch Dishcloth

waffle stitch dishcloth - side viewRead more

You must be wondering why on earth would I post another dishcloth project. Well, because I can and I need more dishcloths. Plus, these are super easy projects for the beginning or occasional knitter. So, the second in a series of dishcloths is the waffle stitch dishcloth.   The waffle stitch dishcloth features a series […]

Garter Stitch Dishcloth

side view of folded garter stitch dishclothRead more

I decided to revisit the garter stitch dishcloth project that I created a couple of years ago. I wanted to make the project easier for beginners, so I knit another dishcloth without stripes. I used red cotton yarn, perfect for the summer. The yarn beautifully showcases the garter stitches. Also, the garter stitches make the […]

Garter Stitch Scarf

garter stitch scarf knotted - featureRead more

It’s officially winter! I know that it could be a dark, dull, depressing time in the year for some people. However, it is also the best time of the year to stay indoors, warm yourself up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, and knit. I wanted to begin the year by knitting something useful, […]

Jute I-Cord Doormat

finished i-cord doormatRead more

Did you ever begin a project, only to abandon it? That’s what I did with my jute i-cord doormat project.   I started working on the project a couple of years ago when it was going to be a large area rug. However, I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated, so I abandoned the project until […]

Garter Stitch Coaster and Trivet

garter stitch trivet and coaster - feature imageRead more

I have been on a coaster kick lately. I wanted to add little pops of color to my coffee table when I have guests come over. As I was making the coasters, I realized that I had not knit any of them. I wondered what would a knitted coaster look like, so I knit one […]