Super Skinny Scarf

super skinny scarf wrappedRead more

I love the skinny scarf trend. It’s chic, sexy and fun to wear. I had a skein of black, velvety yarn that was crying to be knit, so I decided to knit a super skinny scarf with it. The super skinny scarf has a soft, velvety texture that is lightweight and easy to wear. It […]

Multicolored Shawl

multicolored shawl draped around chairRead more

I wanted to knit a multicolored shawl for some time but never had time to do it until now. I was going to use a wool blend yarn to knit the shawl, but I decided to use up more of my Sugar ‘n Cream yarn.   I chose a ribbed knit pattern because I love […]

Plastic Mat

plastic mat (front view)Read more

I made a batch of yarn out of mesh produce bags and was wondering what to do with them. I considered making hanging baskets for some of my plants out of them but that would have been too complicated. Finally, I settled on making a plastic mat. I knit the plastic mat using a garter […]

Striped Seed Stitch Dishcloth

seed stitch dishcloth folded with red and white stripes visibleRead more

They say that things come in threes, so I’m sharing another dishcloth pattern with you. This time, it’s the striped seed stitch dishcloth. The striped seed stitch dishcloth has a bumpy texture, so it feels soft to the touch. It is thick enough to use as a washing cloth. However, it will not dry dishes […]

Striped Waffle Stitch Dishcloth

waffle stitch dishcloth folded into a squareRead more

Another week, another dishcloth! This time, it’s a waffle stitch dishcloth I was going to post this dishcloth project on the 4th of July as a companion to the striped garter stitch dishcloth project, but I decided to wait until today. Like the striped garter stitch dishcloth in my previous post, the waffle stitch dishcloth has a patriotic, nautical […]