Striped Garter Stitch Dishcloth

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I had to replace a tattered dishcloth earlier this week, so I decided to knit a striped garter stitch dishcloth. The dishcloth features a simple garter stitch pattern with stripes. The garter stitch pattern produces a fabric that is soft, thick and absorbent. I used some excess Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn from my Red, White and […]

Red, White and Blue Scarf

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Today is Flag Day in the United States. I thought that it would be appropriate to share a project that commemorates this day, so I am sharing a red, white and blue scarf pattern. My inspiration is a Missoni scarf that I saw on Net-a-Porter. The scarf is multicolored with a metallic sheen.  However, I […]

Funky Fringe Scarf

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I just finished knitting a black scarf with fringe. I wanted to knit this in the fall when the skinny scarf trend was popular. However, I just got around to knitting it now. I knit “blocks” of stockinette pattern with a garter stitch pattern in between, then added fringe to either end of the scarf […]

Ribbed Turtleneck Choker

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I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was checking out the accessories trends for Fall/Winter 2015-2016. Well, I noticed another trend that might seem strange at first but makes perfect sense: the wide turtleneck choker. It’s easy to wear and doubles as a headband. It can be folded and placed in your bag, […]

Knit Choker

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I was checking out the various fashion blogs and noticed that chokers were in for Fall 2015.  Many of them were bold, sculptural statement pieces like the ones featured here. I wanted to make a choker that was a little lighter to wear while still making a statement. So, I decided to knit one using […]