Seed Stitch Scarf

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It’s getting colder! I’m not mentally prepared for winter, but at least I managed to finish knitting my seed stitch scarf.   The seed stitch scarf is the second in my chunky scarf series. It is easy to knit, so it’s also a perfect beginner project. I made the scarf lie flat by slipping the […]

Garter Stitch Scarf

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It’s officially winter! I know that it could be a dark, dull, depressing time in the year for some people. However, it is also the best time of the year to stay indoors, warm yourself up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, and knit. I wanted to begin the year by knitting something useful, […]

Super Skinny Scarf

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I love the skinny scarf trend. It’s chic, sexy and fun to wear. I had a skein of black, velvety yarn that was crying to be knit, so I decided to knit a super skinny scarf with it. The super skinny scarf has a soft, velvety texture that is lightweight and easy to wear. It […]

Red, White and Blue Scarf

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Today is Flag Day in the United States. I thought that it would be appropriate to share a project that commemorates this day, so I am sharing a red, white and blue scarf pattern. My inspiration is a Missoni scarf that I saw on Net-a-Porter. The scarf is multicolored with a metallic sheen.  However, I […]

Funky Fringe Scarf

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I just finished knitting a black scarf with fringe. I wanted to knit this in the fall when the skinny scarf trend was popular. However, I just got around to knitting it now. I knit “blocks” of stockinette pattern with a garter stitch pattern in between, then added fringe to either end of the scarf […]