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I was clearing out my jewelry stash when I found some scrap beading wire stashed in one of my boxes. I could have discarded the wire, but I decided to make these lovely seed bead teardrop earrings.

seed bead teardrop earrings (horizontal)

These earrings are fun, lightweight, bold and colorful. They look great with a lovely sleeveless dress or top. Also, they only cost about US$5 to make.

The earrings are very easy to make. You only need to know how to use needle nose pliers to secure the crimp bead. Everything else is very simple.

I used red seed beads to make the earrings pop. However, you can use any color seed beads you like. Just use a beading wire that has a firm drape (i.e. 7 strand).

It only takes about 30 minutes to make a pair (not including drying time), so you could make several pairs in one day.

If you are looking for a fun, easy earring project to try, then seed bead teardrop earrings are for you.

Here are the instructions:

Seed Bead Teardrop Earrings



10/0 Czech seed beads in red

gold-colored 38mm (.015”) 7 strand beading wire

2 gold-plated crimp beads

2 gold-plated double clamshell crimp covers

2 gold-plated jump rings

2 gold-plated earring wires

1 pair flush cutters

1 pair needle nose pliers

1 pair flat nose pliers

1 pair bent nose pliers


super glue (e.g. Krazy Glue)



String the beads

Cut 2 6” pieces of beading wire. Place one of the pieces aside.

String the seed beads onto the beading wire until you cover approximately 4”. Move the seed beads to the middle of the beading wire. 

one beaded strand of beading wire for the seed bead teardrop earrings

Make the teardrops

Bend the beaded wire into a teardrop shape (the ends should come together, side by side, above the teardrop).

fold beaded wire into teardrop shape

String a crimp cover and a crimp bead through the pieces of wire. Squeeze the crimp bead with the needle nose pliers. Apply the glue to the crimp bead.

squeeze crimp bead with the needle nose pliers

Repeat above instructions with the other piece of beading wire.

Allow the glue to dry for an hour.

allow beaded teardrops to dry

Meanwhile, open the jump rings with the bent and flat nose pliers. Attach an earring wire to each jump ring. Close the jump rings. Place these aside.

Finish the earrings

Once the earrings are dry, trim excess beading wire above the crimp bead. Close the crimp cover.

beaded teardrop with closed crimp cover


Attach the jump ring with the attached earring wire to the hook of the crimp cover.

attach jump ring with earring wire onto hook of beaded teardrop

Bend the tip over the jump ring with the bent nose pliers.

one seed bead teardrop earring


Repeat with the other earring.

You’re done! Enjoy your earrings.

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please contact me through the Comments section below.

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Spinster Simone 🙂

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