Do you ever look at your yarn stash and wonder what to do with all that yarn? I know I have.

Here’s a picture of my stash:

yarn stash

I was struggling to figure out something to do with my leftover yarn until I realized that I could make a throw by knitting the yarn into squares. Once I had enough squares, I could sew them together into a throw. I always wanted to make a throw, but did not want to knit a long piece of fabric.  So, I finally went ahead with knitting the squares.

I decided to use the seed stitch because the pattern is easy to remember while knitting on the subway. Also, the seed stitch creates a nice, textured fabric.

Once I knitted enough squares to make a throw, I sewed them together. Here is the finished product:

seed stitch throw on bed

I decided to place the throw on my bed for the summer, but I’ll probably use it more often in the fall and winter months.

The instructions are listed below.  Feel free to use whatever yarn you have on hand.  It’s a great way to use up your stash.

Seed Stitch Throw


Leftover yarn ( I used my leftover Simply Soft by Caron stash)

Size 8 (5mm) needles (circular or straight needles), or size that corresponds to the type of yarn that you have

1 large eye tapestry needle

scissors (optional)

gauge: not important


Cast on an odd number of stitches (I used 45 stitches)

Knitting back and forth, proceed as follows:

Row 1: Knit one stitch (K1), Purl one stitch (P1), continue until last stitch, K1

Row 2: K1, P1, continue until last stitch, P1

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you have a square (mine measured 11”)

Bind off.  Cut excess yarn with scissors. Weave in ends using a tapestry needle.

Wash and block the square. Put the square aside.

Repeat instructions listed above with the next square.

Continue knitting squares for your throw until you have enough squares for the size throw that you want.

Once all of the squares have been washed and blocked, lay them out on a flat surface.  You may switch around the order of the squares until you have a pattern that you like. Then, sew the squares in the set pattern.

Your throw should look something like this:

finished throw on chair
finished throw on chair

Rejoice in successfully reducing your yarn stash.  Enjoy your new throw (unless someone else decides to claim it)!

Lucy on the seed stitch throw.
Lucy claiming her throw.

What else would you make with your leftover yarn? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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Until next time, happy crafting!

Spinster Simone 🙂


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