Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you’re having fun today.

Ok, I almost forgot to post a project today. I’ve been so busy working on long term crafting projects that I didn’t realize that it was Halloween today. I didn’t want to make anything overtly Halloween, but I love the colors associated with this time of year. So, I decided to just make simple elastic bracelets using my stash of seed beads.

You can make these using any type of beads. Just make certain that the elastic cord will fit through the bead holes.

Here are the instructions:

Simple Halloween Bracelets


various seed beads in black, orange, white and/or yellow

POWERCORD elastic bead stringing cord in Clear (.4mm, 25 meters)


super adhesive glue (I used Krazy Glue)


Pull out approximately 9” of elastic cord from the spool. Do not cut the cord.

cord from spool

Begin stringing orange seed beads onto the cord. You may string a variety of sizes, just make it look random.

stringing bead
stringing orange seed bead

Add a large black seed bead in between sections of orange seed beads.

stringing black bead
stringing black seed bead

Continue until the bracelet is approximately 7” or desired length. Cut the cord. Tie an overhand knot. Apply glue to the knot. Let dry for about 15 minutes. Trim excess cord.

I also made a black seed bead bracelet accented with orange seed beads, and a candy corn themed bracelet with white, yellow and orange seed beads.

stack of bracelets

You could make a few of these in no time. That should leave you plenty of time to get ready for a night out. You could wear them with something casual if you’re not wearing a costume. You could also wear them as a nice bright accessory to a warm weather outfit.

bracelets on me
bracelets on me

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