I wanted to continue exploring braided spirals after making the sunshine spiral earrings. After much experimentation, I decided to make a purse – the sunshine spiral clutch purse, to be exact.

front view of sunshine spiral clutch

It took me a long time to figure out the design for the sunshine spiral purse. Making the braids and spirals was not difficult. However, I had a hard time determining how to finish the purse.

Of course, I used cotton yarn, but you could use a cotton/linen blend or a hemp blend. Just make certain that it will create a sturdy braided fabric.

The mustard yellow color is a great accent to a charcoal gray coat or dress. It’s a casual purse, so you can use it alone, or add your cosmetics or other knick knacks, then stuff it into a large tote.

Here are the instructions:

Sunshine Spiral Clutch Purse


some of the materials for sunshine spiral purse


2 skeins of Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn (100% cotton; 2.5oz/70.9g; 120yds/109m) in Goldenrod (you can substitute Sunshine or Yellow)


tapestry needle

3 round velcro fasteners

safety pins

Dimensions (approximate): 5” diameter, 1/2″ deep


Make the braids

Cut 54 (27/braid) strands of yarn of approx. 84” each. Group half of the strands together, then knot one end, leaving a 1.5” tail.

knot strands of yarn for the braid that will be used to make the sunshine spiral clutch purse

Separate the strands into 3 groups of 9, then begin braiding the strands making certain that you keep the tension even.


Continue until the braid is approx. 48”. Make a knot at the end of the braid, then place it aside.

knot end of braid for sunshine spiral clutch purse

Repeat with the remaining strands of yarn, then place that braid aside.

You should have two sets of braids

two braids for sunshine spiral clutch purse

Make the spirals

Cut a 24” piece of yarn. Divide the plies in half so that you have two sets of 2-ply thread.

Press the knot against the side of the braid. Begin to sew by connecting the side of the knot with the side of the braid. Insert the needle through a couple of strands of the braids.  Pull the thread through these strands.

Make a whip stitch by bringing the thread over the side of the braid, then down through the knot. Wrap the braided cord around the center. Make another whip stitch.

sewing one of the spirals for the sunshine spiral clutch purse

Continue in this pattern until you reach the end of the cord. Sew the knot against the side of the spiral. Trim the excess thread, but leave the tassel intact.

Repeat with the other braid turning the spiral in the opposite direction.

sew second spiral counterclockwise for the sunshine spiral clutch purse

Soak the spirals in a capful of white vinegar diluted in a bowl of water for approx. 10 min. Rinse all pieces, then allow them to air dry.

spirals for sunshine spiral clutch purse

Make the purse

Place one spiral on a flat surface with the right side up. Place the other spiral on top of it with the wrong side up. Make certain that the tassel knots are aligned with each other.

Pin the sides of the purse beginning with the tassel knots, around the bottom, ending opposite the tassel knots.

pin together spirals to make sunshine spiral clutch purse

Sew the sides using the whipstitch technique starting opposite the tassel knots. Continue until you reach the tassel knots.

Fold in the tassel knots under the surface, then continue sewing until you get above the knots. Cut the thread and make a knot. Trim excess thread. Turn purse right side up.

Add the velcro tabs

Open the purse. Cut the velcro tabs and place them along and under the top edge of one side of the purse. Mark where you placed the tabs with a pencil. Then, mark the opposite side of the purse.

Apply velcro tabs in accordance with the instructions. Press firmly. Allow the tabs to set for a few hours before closing the purse.

applying velcro tabs for the sunshine spiral clutch purse


Once the tabs have set, you may use your new purse. Hooray!

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please contact me through the Comments section below.

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