When I made the sunshine spiral clutch purse, I realized that it was too small. I needed a purse that allowed me to be hands-free, so I made a sunshine spiral crossbody purse.

sunshine spiral crossbody purse hanging

The crossbody purse is bright, bold and shaped in a braided spiral.  It has a long strap that you could wear across the body or on the shoulder. Thanks to the wide opening, you can fit a smartphone, wallet and other small items in the purse. A bright yellow zipper closes everything in the purse.

You need plenty of time to make the crossbody purse. Make the braids and spirals in one weekend, then assemble the purse the following weekend. Like the sunshine spiral clutch purse, I used a bright-colored cotton yarn. You don’t have to use cotton yarn, but you should use yarn that is strong and sturdy.

If you want to make a fun, bold, colorful spiral purse without knitting, then the sunshine spiral crossbody purse is for you.

Here are the instructions:

Sunshine Spiral Crossbody Purse


materials for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

2-3 balls of Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Goldenrod (you could substitute Sunshine or Hot Orange)


tapestry needle

a zipper in a coordinating color

safety pins

Dimensions (approximate): 7” diameter,  1/2″ deep, 27-29″ drop from shoulder


Make the braids

Make 6 braids as follows:

Cut 54 (9/braid) strands of yarn of approx. 84” each. Take 9 of the strands and knot one end, leaving a 1.5” tail.

Separate the strands into 3 groups of 3, then begin braiding the strands making certain that you keep the tension even.

Continue until the braid is approx. 48”. Make another knot.

Cut the excess yarn from one end of the braid. Flatten the braid, then place it aside.

Repeat with the other strands of yarn, then place those braids aside.

Make the spirals

Cut a 24” piece of yarn. Divide the plies in half so that you have two sets of 2-ply yarn. Thread the tapestry needle with the 2-ply yarn. Continue to make more 2-ply yarn as needed.

Press the knot against the side of the braid. Insert the needle through a couple of strands of the braids.  Pull the thread through these strands.

Make a whip stitch by bringing the thread over the side of the braid, then down through the knot. Wrap the braided cord around the center. Make another whip stitch.

Continue in this pattern until you reach the end of the braid. Sew the knot against the side of the spiral. Trim the excess thread, but leave the tassel intact.

sew knot from end of braid against side of spiral for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Take the next braid and press the knot next to and against the knot of the spiral. Sew these together in the whip stitch pattern. Sew the side of the new braid in the manner listed above until you reach the end of the cord.

Repeat the instructions with the third braid. When you complete sewing the third braid along the spiral, place the spiral aside.

one spiral for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Repeat with the remaining 3 braids turning the spiral in the same direction as the first spiral while sewing.

Place the spirals aside.

spiral pieces for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Make the strap

Cut 18 84” pieces of yarn. Make a knot at one end and separate the strands into 3 groups of 6, then braid the strands. Continue until the braid is approx. 48” long. Make another knot.

braided strap for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Soak the spirals and the strap in a capful of white vinegar diluted in a bowl of water for approx. 10 min. Rinse all pieces, then allow them to air dry.

Assemble the purse

Put the spiral pieces together with the back of each piece is facing out.  Pin the sides of the spirals together starting below the left tassel, going around the bottom of the spirals and finishing below the right tassel.

spirals pinned together (back facing out) before sewing for the sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Sew the sides together from below the left tassel to below the right tassel.

Next, open the zipper. Pin the zipper around the top of the purse from the top of the left tassel to the top of the right tassel. 

pin zipper to sunshine spiral crossbody purse

Begin sewing at the base of the zipper in a whip stitch pattern. Continue sewing to the edge, then sew along the edge around to one side. Once you complete sewing one side of the zipper, sew the opposite side in the whip stitch pattern.

Turn the purse so that the front is visible. Zip the purse to make certain that it closes properly.

Attach the strap

Untie one of the knots of the strap. Wrap the untied end of the strap around one of the tassel knots of the purse. Make a large knot. Repeat with the other end of the strap.

Pin, then sew 1” of the strap securely above each tassel knot. Trim the tassels so that they are even.

Your crossbody purse should look like this:

sunshine spiral crossbody purse (portrait) on table

sunshine spiral crossbody purse opened (portrait)


I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please let me know through the Comments section below. You may also share a picture of your results on Pinterest.

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