As promised, here is the second part of the toy mouse project. If you need the instructions for the catnip insert, click here.

Toy Mouse – Part Two



1 piece of gray felt

small pieces of white, black and pink felt

scrap piece of yarn


sewing needle

safety or straight pins

magic marker or pieces of thread (for the whiskers)

paper stencil



non-toxic glue


Make the felt body

Take the felt and fold a section of it width wise. Trace a half circle shape onto the felt with the paper stencil and pencil with the flat edge of the stencil placed along the fold. Cut the half circle. Place the excess felt aside.

Sew the felt body

Take the half circle and turn it inside out. Pin the edges of the half circle. Sew the half circle until you reach half way around the arc.


Stuff the felt body

Turn the half circle right side out. Stuff the insert into the felt. Sew the rest of the half circle until you reach the end.

Decorate the felt body

Stick one end of the scrap piece of yarn inside the felt. Finish sewing the half circle making certain that the yarn is secure. Knot and trim off the thread.


Cut two small circles with the white felt. Cut two smaller circles with the black felt. Glue the smaller circles onto the larger circles. Take the felt mouse and place a dot on either side of the front. Glue each circle onto its corresponding dot.

Take the pink felt and cut two small ovals. Glue the ovals diagonally above the eyes.


Take another piece of black felt and cut a tiny circle. Glue it onto the front tip of the mouse for the nose. Take the black marker and draw whiskers from the nose out. You could also take a few strands of thread, knot them together at the center, then sew the knot onto the felt nose.


You’re done. Now, you’ll have to get your cat to test the toy mouse.

You could use different shapes to make other cat toys such as fish and birds. Just make another stencil, then follow the instructions listed for the toy mouse.

This is a great way to upcycle old fabric and make something you’re feline companion would love.

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