I’m obsessed with earrings this month, so I have another earrings project to share with you. This time, it’s the triangle drop earrings.

triangle drop earrings
triangle drop earrings


I wanted to make triangle earrings for the longest time, but could not figure out how to do it.  I tried using craft wire to make triangles, but that did not work out so well.

Finally, I realized that I could make a triangle by connecting eye pins together. I took the eye pins, strung the seed beads and mussel shell drops onto them, made a loop at the end of each eye pin, then connected the eye pins together to form triangles.

Like the other earrings that I made this month, these are lightweight, shimmery earrings. You could wear these from day to night with any beach or casual attire.

The earrings took about a couple of hours to make, so you could make several pairs in one weekend.  They also make great gifts, so start tackling that Christmas gift list by making a few pairs this week.

Here are the instructions.

Triangle Drop Earrings


materials for the triangle drop earrings
materials for the earrings

10 10mm light blue mussel shell drops
72 11/0 Toho seed beads in galvanized silver
20 4mm silver-plated jump rings
6 1mm silver-plated eye pins
1 pair silver-plated fishhook earring wires
1 pair rubber earring backs


tools for the triangle drop earrings project
pliers (l-r): round nose, bent nose and flat nose

1 pair round nose pliers
1 pair flat nose pliers
1 pair bent nose pliers


Prepare the mussel shell drops

Open a 4mm jump ring and string it through a mussel shell drop. Close the jump ring. Repeat with the 9 remaining mussel shell drops. Place the mussel shell drops aside.

mussel shell drops with jump rings for the triangle drop earrings
10 mussel shell drops with jump rings

Make the sides of the triangle

String 12 seed beads onto an eye pin. Take the round nose pliers and bend the tip of the eye pin at a 45° angle. Next, make a loop in the opposite direction of the bent angle. Round off the loop with the pliers. Close the loop by tucking the end as close to the base of the loop as possible.

Repeat with another eye pin and 12 more seed beads, then place these aside.

two seed bead sides for the triangle drop earrings
two seed bead sides completed

Make the base of the triangle

Next, make the base of the triangle by stringing an eye pin as follows: 2 seed beads, *mussel shell drop, 2 seed beads, *repeat to the end. You should have 12 seed beads and 5 mussel shell drops strung on the eye pin. Make a loop at the end of the eye pin per the instructions above.

Connect the sides to the base

Open a 4mm jump ring. String one end of the jump ring with one of the seed bead sides, then string the opposite end with one corner of the base. Close the jump ring.

Open another 4mm jump ring then string one end with the other seed bead side and the opposite end with the other corner of the base. Close the jump ring.

Open a third 4mm jump ring. String one end with one seed bead side then the other end with the other seed bead side. Close the jump ring.

Attach the earring wire

Open two more 4mm jump rings. Attach the top of the triangle to one jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Take the other jump ring and attach it to the top of the triangle on one end and to the earring wire on the other end. Make certain that the tip of the earring wire points toward the back of the triangle (i.e. away from you). Close the jump ring.

Now that you have completed one earring, make the other one following the instructions above from sections B through E.

Wear your triangle drop earrings with rubber earring backs to prevent them from slipping off. Enjoy!

I would love to see your earrings. Share your earrings on Instagram @spinstersimone with the hashtag #triangledropearrings.

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