I wanted to make something simple, yet elegant, so I made a pair of wire post earrings.

close up of wire post earrings

I used Argentium silver wire to make these earrings. I hardly spent any money or time making these earrings yet they look luxurious.

The earrings were very easy to make. I made a loop at the one end of a piece of wire. I wrapped the wire around the perimeter of the loop until I had a nice sized stud. Then, I pulled the remaining wire through the loop to make the post.

post earrings

The earrings are lightweight and easy to wear. They compliment any attire, including business attire. They also make great gifts for the holidays.

If you are going to make wire post earrings, please be aware of the following:

1) Type of Metal: Precious metal (i.e. gold, silver) is preferable to craft wire because it is less likely to irritate the earlobes. Plus, you only need a few inches of precious metal wire to make a pair of luxurious earrings.

2) Wire Gauge: The wire should be thick enough to remain in the earlobe, but not so thick that it would be difficult to fit in the hole. I like using 20 or 22 gauge for wire post earrings. Remember, the higher the number, the thinner the wire.

3) Wire Hardness: Half hard wire is preferable to full hard wire because it is easier to bend and manipulate. The design will still hold after bending and manipulating half-hard wire. However, I did not have much trouble working with full hard wire.

4) Filing the Post: It is very important to file the tip of each post before you wear your earrings. You do not want to scratch or irritate the hole in your earlobe with a jagged tip.

Wire Post Earrings

Materials and Tools

22 gauge full hard Argentium silver wire (I purchased mine from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads)

rubber earring backs

1 pair flush cutters

1 pair bent nose pliers

1 pair round nose pliers

1 pair nylon jaw pliers

1 metal jewelry file (I also purchased this from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads)

Ruler or measuring tape


Make the post

Cut approximately 2 inches (5 cm) of wire with the flush cutters.


Wrap the wire around the tip of the round pliers until you form a loop.

make a loop at end of wire for the wire post earrings

Take bent nose pliers and grab the loop end of the wire. Wrap the remaining wire around the loop with one hand while holding the loop with the bent nose pliers in the other hand. Continue until approximately ½ an inch (1.27 cm) of wire remains.

Take the wire and push it through the loop. Pull the wire on the other side with the bent nose pliers.  Straighten the wire with the nylon jaw pliers.

Finish the post

Smooth the tip of the earring with the metal file. You have one earring.

one wire post earring completed

Repeat the instructions above to make the other earring.

You now have a beautiful pair of wire post earrings. When wearing the earrings, use the rubber earring backs to secure them on the earlobes.

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please contact me through the Comments section below.

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