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DIY Favorites – Wine Cork Crafts

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If you’re a wine lover like me, you probably have a collection of wine corks. If you’re wondering what to do with them, why not make something with them. You could make coasters, jewelry, cork boards, or other items for your home. The only limitation is your imagination! So, if you are looking for some […]

DIY Favorites – Bug Repellents

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It’s the middle of the summer and you have unwelcome guests at your picnic or outdoor gathering: bugs! You regularly use store-bought bug repellents to keep the pesky critters away, but you really want to try using something less toxic. Well, you could buy more natural repellents. However, I suggest that you try making some […]

DIY Favorites – Seashell Jewelry

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Seashell jewelry brings me back to the beach. They add a beachy, bohemian touch to summer outfits. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive (if they’re not made of 14K gold). You could buy seashell jewelry, but it’s more fun to make it! Use cowrie, pukka. mussel or other types of seashells. Just drill holes in the […]

DIY Favorites – Sisal and Jute Projects

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Two of my favorite materials are sisal and jute. They are both inexpensive and versatile. Plus, they add a natural, coastal look to the home. Sisal has a rough texture. It’s stiff, so it’s best used for items that will undergo a lot of wear and tear (e.g. cat scratching toys and area rugs). On […]

DIY Favorites – Burlap Projects

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Burlap reminds me of those fall wreaths and pumpkins used to decorate stores, shops, and tables. They give a rustic farmhouse feel to the home, so it’s not my #1 fabric of choice. However, its versatility has me reconsidering. Plus, it’s cheap, so I could buy a bunch of it without blowing my budget. Burlap […]