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DIY Favorites – Placemats

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I enjoy making home decor items, especially placemats. They are inexpensive and easy to make. Plus, they make wonderful gifts. You don’t have to worry if they fit or if they’re the right color and style. If you’re tired of the look, just switch them out for different ones. If you want to make placemats, […]

DIY Favorites – Papier-Mâché

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I have always loved papier-mâché. It’s messy, fun, and inexpensive. You just need a few items that you have around the house, including paper, to make something beautiful. Papier-mâché literally means “mashed paper” in French. Papier-mâché items consist of paper pieces or pulp bound together with glue, starch, or some other adhesive. There are two […]

DIY Favorites – Repurposed Rug Projects

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Have you ever had trouble finding fabric that would work for your DIY projects? Are you turned off by the prices of more luxurious fabric? Well, there is an alternative. You can repurpose rugs as fabric for your DIY project. Repurposed rug projects are not only eco-friendly but also inexpensive. Just pick out the type […]

DIY Favorites – Concrete Projects

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DIY concrete projects have always fascinated me. I always thought that concrete was just basic construction material. However, I discovered that concrete can also be used to make a variety of objects to wear and use. You could spend a lot of money on a concrete item, or you could make your own. Buy concrete […]

DIY Favorites – Chandeliers

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Some of my favorite lighting fixtures are chandeliers. They can dramatically transform any room in the home.  Chandeliers are decorative light fixtures suspended from the ceiling. They have multiple light bulbs or candles attached to branched frames and come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you don’t have the money to buy a chandelier, […]