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DIY Favorites – Ceiling Light Makeovers

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There is one light fixture that I cannot stand: the flush mount ceiling light (aka the “boob” light). It’s hideous! It’s bland, boring and soulless. However, the dreaded light fixture does serve an important function: providing overhead light to an entire room. Without it, you would have a hard time seeing anything in the room. […]

DIY Favorites – Sweater Upcycles

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You may have sweaters that are old, ugly, torn, stretched out of shape, or filled with holes. Before throwing them out, why not consider upcycling them. Sweater upcycles are projects that turn old sweaters into something different, like a hat. You can upcycle sweaters into scarves, mittens, gloves, pillows, and other items. You’re only limited […]

DIY Favorites – Sweater Refashions

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  I shared with you some of my favorite DIY sweater upcycles last week, but what if your ugly sweater is in good condition? Well, you can try some of my favorite DIY sweater refashions. Refashioning is simply making something old new again by decorating or slightly changing the design without changing its function. For […]

DIY Favorites – Candy Corn Projects

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  Candy corn is arguably one of the most popular Halloween treats out there. It is a weird, sticky concoction of sugar, corn syrup, and food coloring. It’s really not good for you, but can you really celebrate Halloween without it? Well, you can have your candy corn without sacrificing your health. Just make candy […]

DIY Favorites – Halloween Treats

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I wrote about candy corn DIYs in a previous post, but forgot about the treats! You can’t have Halloween without drinks and eats, so here are my favorite DIY Halloween Treats: Ghost Popcorn Balls by The First Year:   Werewolf Kibble by Big Bear’s Wife:   Four-Ingredient Halloween Treats by Chelsea’s Messy Apron:   Dark […]